A Short on the Types of mesopotamian inventions still in use today

In the interpretation that is ancient, it lies near the Tigris – Euphrates river system, which in our present day place would be parts of Iraq and much of Syria. Famously refer Mesopotamia as the cradle of culture. The creations made during the time of its existence are still being used even now. Many modern things in use today have reference to the Mesopotamian civilization’s inventions.

The notion of time and the branch of minutes, hours, days, and other systems of time came about with the Mesopotamian concept of the production of time. Considered as the most important and innovative inventions by the Mesopotamian, the idea of time was further divided into units of 60 components. The invention of the wheel dates back to 3,500 BC across the region of Mesopotamia. Studies show the use of wheels for mill functions, or even irrigation, in and as pottery wheels.

Other famous Mesopotamian inventions include the first form of writing, which had its usage for more than 3,000 years during the early times. The kind of writing was famously known as ‘Cuneiform’ and has been adopted for keeping track of trade and company records. Gradually with time, this form of writing encouraged making journals and volumes .

mesopotamian inventions

Judging from the many mesopotamian inventions, it shows the rich culture and thinking of these people around the time of its presence. Further Mesopotamian inventions chronicle the concept of counting which caused the creation of math and other inventions such as sexagesimal, the proportions of the calendar and a circle dates.

The Mesopotamian creations are different in numbers and far-reaching. It covers concepts of inventions such as reading maps, astronomy and astronomy, Agriculture, and even more.